Zontes ZT125-J in Cape Town Traffic

So the guys at Race Screen gave us a Zontes 125-J demo to try out. The demo bike had just been ridden from Jhb to Mossel Bay, and then down to Cape Town... Not too bad for an air-cooled 125cc! We were a bit disappointed that it wasn't the Zontes 250, but apparently there is one on the way soon... (w... read more

HPS300 demo's have arrived!

Great news!! We are fortunate enough to have just received two of the new FB Mondial HPS300's. Although primarily intended to use to carry out the necessary homologation process so that this new model can be registered and licenced on South African roads, this does of course mean that we now have ... read more


Visit our Bike Bros. Facebook page to see the latest Motorcycles that are driving onto our shop floor. As well as interesting articles on the Motorcycling world.... read more


Bike Bros, an innovative Delivery Solution is proud to launch their new store. There was lots of excitement as the motorcycles arrived. Stop by and come say hi.... read more

Zontes ZT250-S

Check out the new Zontes ZT250-S Traffic Beater... you will be impressed! The motor is fuel-injected, air and oil cooled, 4 stroke, double overhead camshafts. Max torque is 23Nm/6500rpm and max power is 18kw/8000rpm. Six speed box, and top speed is 145km/hr - but do you need more fro... read more

Some thoughts on commuter etiquette

With the arrival of spring and summer, we are seeing a lot more bikes on the road which is fantastic! We need to be aware, however, that many bikers have been off their bikes for a while and haven’t had much “saddle time” over the winter. With this in mind let’s review some ... read more
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